about US

We are here to protect and grow your assets by offering an exceptional standard of service,
a nuanced understanding of wealth, and a wide range of alternative investments.

VT Group consists of 3 major facets:

  • Assets
  • Properties
  • Innovations

We will give you a fresh perspective on what’s possible, whether it is managing and growing your assets or planning for your future.

Over the past 17 years, we have expanded our expertise and presence significantly to meet the growing needs of our affluent clients.

Operating in 8 countries, we are a truly global company always able to respond with relevant products and solutions, pinpointing only the best offers and providing the next steps while protecting your privacy and personal information.

Possibilities are everywhere!
We will help you to seize them.

Protect and grow your assets with VT Assets products and services, secure your personal and corporate valuables with the help of VT Global Vaults, expand your financial opportunities with VT Innovations, add your footprint overseas and live the dream exploring VT Assets.